Application Development

Material Design
Tepex® is an innovative material system ready for customization to address application specific requirements and properties in a broad variety of applications and industries. In order to select the best-fit Tepex® material system and customize it for a specific application requirement, material and application development experts of Bond-Laminates and LANXESS closely cooperate with our customers – and of course ensure that customer specific intellectual property stays protected.

Such cooperation ideally starts in an early product development 
stage so that material design will not only focus on optimum compatibility of fibers and polymers, automated and cost efficient production and quality control at Bond-Laminates, but can also support effective part design and efficient processing of semi-finished Tepex® material in our customer’s manufacturing processes.

Tepex® materials are manufactured made-to-order in a continuous lamination process based on long-term experience in material design and manufacturing of thermoplastic composites. The proprietary manufacturing process ensures complete consolidation of the individual fiber structure with the thermoplastic matrix. Required material properties are continuously monitored and tested. Being produced in a continuous process Tepex® materials can be delivered as sheets (with a standard width up to 1250 mm and a sheet length that can be optimized per application) or as cut to size sheets as well as complex geometric shapes ready for processing in thermoforming, compression or injection molding processes.

Working together with Bond-Laminates, customers can dock into a realm of material and processing know-how about thermoplastic composites in different industries and applications. Bond-Laminates continuously works on enhancing this know-how, e.g. through intelligent networking with processing partners and academic research facilities as well as through its highly trained employees. Bond-Laminates wants to be a trustful partner from the first product design idea to the successful delivery of Tepex® parts –– to enable leading edge products with superior performance and design.  

Based on extensive experiences and market knowledge from past and running projects Bond-Laminates owns a comprehensive network with research institutes, processing equipment manufacturers, tool makers and – most important -  with part manufacturers in different market segments who are ready to provide mass manufacturing services and capacities for Tepex® processing.

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