As a modern, responsible company, we feel a commitment to protect the environment. The philosophy of environmental protection applies to our own production processes, and is also the guiding idea of our research and development. In the production sphere, the high degree of automation in our continuous lamination process reduces the burden on the environment and our workforce to an absolute minimum.

Green responsibility of Tepex®:

Tepex® composite laminates are produced with a thermo-mechanical melt impregnation process

  • No solvents, volatiles, liquid ingredients and by-products
  • No chemical reaction

Tepex® part fabrication is a thermo-mechanical forming process

  • No solvents, volatiles, liquid ingredients and by-products
  • No chemical reaction

All trim waste are recyclable and are recycled into reinforcing ingredients for injection molded plastic grades

REACH conform (classification as “downstream user”)

Typical environmentally relevant product characteristics of our composites are their unlimited shelf life, ease of recycling and high energy absorption capacity. Thanks to their unique combination of lightness and strength, our composites are moreover typically used to cut energy consumption in the automotive and aviation industries. They help to reduce CO2 emissions and counteract global warming. 

Fuel consumption and the associated CO2 emissions are mainly determined by driving resistances such as air drag, roll resistance, acceleration and incline resistance. Apart from the air drag, all these resistances are strongly influenced by the vehicles mass. Therefore lightweight design is an effective measure to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

As a rule of thumb 100 kg less weight lead to savings of 0,5 l/100 km which equals to reduced emissions of up to 10 g CO2/km.






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