To continue optimising existing applications or to pave the way for entirely new applications: this is the objective that Bond-Laminates has set itself in developing the Tepex® family of materials. In contrast to other composites, Tepex® materials are laminated in a process that is suitable for volume production, yet follows the principies of manufacturing tailor-made goods. The company stands out from its competitors by virtue of its many years of experience with the continuous laminating process, its knowledge of the specific characteristic profiles of all suitable thermoplastics and its detailed applications expertise.

Tepex® is an innovative material system designed to provide best performance at affordable prices.

  • Tailored fiber orientation
  • Reliable processing enabled by fully automated manufacturing process of Tepex® sheets and parts manufacturing
  • Combination with injection molding for higher design freedom
  • Short part production cycle times (< 60 sec.)
  • Recycling
  • Unlimited shelf-life

New composite solutions provide a focus for our policy of innovation, with the composition of the thermoplastic and the fiber sizing precisely matched. The diverse constellations of parameters of the Tepex® family allow to create materials with thousands of different specific characteristic profiles.

Our development work nevertheless continues. We have our own laboratory, in which we test and optimize new formulations. For larger-scale projects, we work in close partnership with external institutions and of course with the development departments of the customer with which we are devising applications.






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