Individual Tepex® Characteristics

1. Stiffness & Strength
In wood, plants and bones, nature itself has demonstrated that high-strength fibers are the most suitable lightweight materials to transfer and absorb forces. The flexible fiber-orientation within the composite and its complete consolidation with a thermoplastic polymer enables solutions with high structural strength and ultra low material thickness. Customization of Tepex® properties to individual requirements enable high performance material solutions for almost any application and industry.

2. Lightweight Design
Tepex® provides an exceptional weight-performance-ratio offering suitable solutions for all applications that require weight reduction without compromising structural performance. Minimum weight – maximum performance.

Minimum weight - maximum performance

3. Dynamics & Energy Absorption
Depending on material thickness and combination of fibers and thermoplastic polymers, Tepex® can provide material properties from high flexibility to high stiffness. Compared with other material classes these tailor-made properties of thermoplastic composites enable higher specific rates of energy absorption and make Tepex® a perfect solution for applications that require dynamic properties at reduced weight.

Superior energy absorption

4. Efficient Processing
Tepex® materials are sold as semi-finished goods ready to be processed in press forming or compression molding. Tepex® thermoplastic composites are designed for mass production manufacturing processes with low cycle times and constantly high quality. The processing of Tepex® can be combined with compression as well as injection molding so that complex parts can be manufactured in only one processing step. Besides a significant reduction of overall cycle time, major advantages of such hybrid molding processes are efficient use of material, elimination of product forming and trimming steps as well as increased freedom of part design.

Processing speed - improved quality






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