Standard Solutions

Tepex® offers a broad variety of material solutions

You can choose from more than 500 different Tepex® combinations. In case a suitable material for your special application does not exist yet – we can develop it for you!

We have a wide range of possibilities

  • Large number of engineering plastics, like PP, PA6, PA6.6, PA12, TPU, PPS, PC etc.
  • Variety of reinforcement fibers, like glass, carbon and aramid
  • Fiber volume content from 35% up to 60% (as standard)
  • Uni-directional, bi- directional and quasi-isotropic lay-ups of reinforcement fibers
  • Several fabric styles, like plain, twill or satin, as well as hybrid fabrics, various colors
  • Tepex® sheet width standard 620 mm and 860 mm, on request 1240 mm, length unlimited
  • Tepex® material thickness between 0,25 mm and 6,0 mm
  • Product thickness, e.g. for sandwich lay-ups, between 0,25 mm and > 12,0 mm






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