Tepex® dynalite

Tepex® dynalite – Maximum strength at minimum weight

Tepex® dynalite – Maximum strength at minimum weight: The Tepex® dynalite range consists of multiple layers of continuous fibre reinforcements in a matrix of engineering thermoplastics. The continuous fiber structure, fully consolidated with a thermoplastic polymer, provides the maximum possible strength and stiffness. Typical applications are industrial and automotive applications and sporting goods.


  • Multiple reinforcement layers made of fibers coated with thermoplastic matrix
  • Maximum strength and stiffness
  • Minimum weight

Material Combinations

  • Glass/PP
  • Glass/TPU, Carbon/TPU
  • Glass/PA6.6, Carbon/PA6.6
  • Glass/PA6, Carbon/PA6
  • Glass/PA12, Carbon/PA12
  • Glass/PPS, Carbon/PPS 
  • Glass/PCfr, Carbon/PCfr









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