Functional integration in combination with injection molding


Thermoplastics have been developed to address requirements of mass production, i.e. high volumes of identical parts with short cycle times. Utilization in injection molding processes has proved the mass production capabilities of thermoplastics since decades.


By adding thermoplastic composite materials into the part design, performance levels of the injection molded parts can be boosted in several dimensions.

Major advantages of thermoplastic composite hybrids are:

  • Optimized mechanical properties, e.g. through local reinforcements
  • Reduced wall thickness compared to pure thermoplastic parts
  • Overall reduction of processing steps compared to metal parts
  • Design freedom compared to purely applied composite materials

Tepex® incorporated as a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic in injection molding processes thus enables the effective replacement of pure plastic parts as well as metal parts in demanding technical applications.

Tepex® and injection molding compound can be bought from one source. Special thermoplastic materials are available which are optimized for the application together with Tepex® composite sheets. Here our customers benefit from LANXESS‘ long-lasting experience as material supplier for compounds.

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