Part and Material Testing


The material properties of composite sheets are very complex. In general, the mechanical properties are characterized by:

  • Anisotropy
  • Non-linearity
  • Strain rate dependency
  • Tension / compression anisotropy
  • Temperature (and moisture) dependency

Consequently these parameters have to be regarded when testing. In our material testing lab in Dormagen we have a multitude of testing equipment available.

Mathematical simulation methods are outstanding instruments for the design and optimization of parts and they deliver fairly accurate statements on part behavior. When it comes to making a definitive statement on the functional capability of parts, however, it is generally still necessary to conduct practice-oriented tests on prototypes.

At our sites in Dormagen and Brilon in Germany, as well as in Wuxi and in Hong Kong, China, we are most modernly equipped for standard and advanced material testing, part testing and advanced analytics. We can rely on unique equipment for specialized automotive tests and on experienced testing engineers. We are therefore able to quickly and reliably adapt our setup to customer needs.

We serve our customers with a comprehensive range of high-tech testing capabilities in terms of

  • Static testing (short- and long term), e.g. tensile, bending, torsion, creep
  • Dynamic testing, e.g. vibration, fatigue
  • Impact or crash behavior, e.g. penetration test, drop test
  • Customized tests, e.g. pressure variation, burst pressure tests
  • Ageing, e.g. heat ageing, media storage, artificial weathering