Prototyping – application development center

Bond-Laminates provides expertise in design and processing of lightweight components based on thermoplastic composites with Tepex®.

Current applications of Tepex® exist in many segments like automotive, sports, consumer goods, industry and defense. To advance the benefits of lightweight design in these and other areas Bond-Laminates provides support in design and development of efficient mass manufacturing processes.


To better serve its customers Bond-Laminates has invested in the extension of the Brilon-based Forming Technology Center: Now Bond-Laminates is equipped with the latest technology in compression and hybrid molding – an ENGEL injection molding system IN500V/130 with the clear opening of 750 mm, supporting tool-sizes of 700 x 500 mm.


The system allows the conversion of all Tepex® products, i.e. all combinations of fabrics, fibers and polymers, into lightweight 3D-components. Parts and components can be manufactured by thermoforming and injection molding as well as by hybrid molding.
Hybrid molding combines thermoforming with injection molding, i.e. composite parts with functional integration, in an efficient one-shot process and thus will become a key enabling technology for mass manufacturing of lightweight and multi-material components.

The peripheral equipment of the cell comprises:

  • the latest IR heating technology
  • vario-thermal mold: water, oil and thermal ceramic
  • different gripper technologies: needle grippers, vacuum grippers and clamping frame technology
  • the magazine loading is variable and enables different dimensions of rectangular blanks to the finished contoured blanks.
  • material handling is automated by a 6-axis articulated robot
  • control of all system components is centralized by the latest ENGEL cell control system CC300.

We are happy to provide further detailed information and support in design of your own efficient manufacturing system for thermoplastic composites.

Forming Technology Center

With the newly equipped Forming Technology Center Bond-Laminates is able to provide support in the following areas:

  • Conceptual design for thermoforming, hybrid and compression molding
  • Conceptual design of grippers and handling tasks
  • Conceptual design of magazines, insertion and positioning
  • Assistance with concept creation to individual process tasks
  • Prototype development and - manufacturing
  • Pilot tests
  • Feasibility studies, analyzes (experimental verification)

And last but not least, through our close cooperation with our colleagues at LANXESS we can provide support in calculation, simulation, analysis of drapery, thermal design etc.

Moreover our customers benefit from the know-how of LANXESS as material supplier for injection molding thermoplastics. The team at LANXESS has long-time experience concerning (hybrid) injection molding processes. At the LANXESS site in Dormagen a technology and prototyping center with 4 injection molding machines is available for basic technology development and sample production. The necessary equipment like IR heating station or hybrid molds for specimen and sample production is readily available.

Lanxess’ expertise as thermoplastic material supplier is also used to further enhance potentials in lightweight design. Thus matrix materials for Tepex® composite sheets are developed providing high flame retardancy, thermal stability or improved impact resistance. Drawing on their extensive experience in compounding polyamide and other materials, LANXESS offers special grades which are tuned to show optimal performance as Tepex® overmold materials.





Besides the hybrid molding equipment the application development center in Brilon is equipped with all major technologies required for part design and development of mass manufacturing processes, e.g.

  • A fully automated high-speed forming machine supports all current forming techniques under near-series conditions. The equipment comprises of an IR zone, an automatic conveyor mechanism and a forming press enabling mold dimensions up to 800 mm x 800 mm.
  • Diaphragm forming press
  • Hot plate press (vacuum supported)
  • Casting of silicone stamp
  • Equipment for cutting, sawing and drilling
  • Plant for waterjet cutting

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